I am not a graphic designer.

“The design is not just what it looks like. The design is how it works”

As stated by the great steve jobs.
So not only does design cover the embellishments and the visual aspect of a certain product, but it also defines the limits and fundamentals on which the product operates, which results in a fine but pretty apparent line between designing and engineering.
Thus the majority of us should relinquish the concept of design being purely an aesthetics-driven field, after all, not all designers are graphical designers….
As mentioned previously, designers tend to spend the majority of their time and effort on the operating side of the product and imagining how each and every one of its components should be like and what kind of elements to implement in the making of the product.
Designing falls under the tree of humanity’s greatest conquests due to its many contributions to science, medicine, architecture and subsequently everything that we’ve integrated into our daily lives, from the cups that we drink from, to the pens that we use to write… Literally everything. Which makes you sometimes wonder “why does a particular object look a certain way? And why is it the norm that’s agreed upon? Hence why do objects or products that serve the same purpose look fairly similar?”
Well, to answer those questions, my friend.. you’d have to ask a designer !!
I mean yeah sure an engineer could pick out the perfect material or write the perfect program or predict future errors, but you’d have to ask yourself, who actually made it?
What do you think?

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