Hey, it has been two years already…

I do still remember it. The day when we started it all.

And look where we are right now.

Yet, the journey is so far from over.

ENICarthage Press, in its new form, and as a club from students to students, has managed to grow steadily, albeit slowly. We had a lot of moments together. Moments of distress, of anguish, of trouble, and moments of fun, joy, and triumph. Despite all the odds, our club still stands. It is all thanks to the efforts of every individual whose steps led them to this club. Whatever it was a minuscule or great effort, the club surely is grateful for them.

I already said it before. The journey is so far from over. In these difficult times, we ought to keep moving, to keep pushing forward, and to win no matter what. We will be working hard more than ever to keep the torch lit.

And I’m sure, that it will not stop here. The old people will go and new people will come but what unify them are the values we share in ENICarthage Press.

A club that appears to be a mere club for journalism and media. And that’s the trick. In fact, it is more than that: a club to nurture the passion of any engineering student, no matter what it is. Of course, engineers should empower their creativity to grasp more opportunities in the future!

And so it is that minds seek the flame of motivation. A flame that hopefully will be a bright and guiding light for those who are still lost in their journeys.

Knight of Cinder

He stumbled upon an epiphany, very suddenly and quite by accident. Here we stand, feet planted in the earth, looking to the sky and searching for heavens...but might the truth be very near us, only just within ourselves?

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