Cheers to you, Man!

We are the people of the 21st century. We were born in a time when feminism is empowered enough to shape the way we live.
The movement’s impact infiltrated every aspect of our lives and gave it a completely different sense. But the world is far fairer than just keeping busy making a bed of roses for women. Men too get to enjoy their own and well-deserved part of the recognition for being such amazing human beings, for sacrificing and bravely carrying the burden of responsibility.

Every day of this month is a reminder that we all care about men’s health, that there should be no barriers whatsoever when it comes to health, and that conforming to socially common presuppositions and traditions is not half as important as one’s health.

Still a bit blurry, right? In a nutshell, Movember is ” the leading charity changing the face of men’s health on a global scale”, YES!
This thing exists for real, it started out small and trifling in 2004 in Australia as a movement launched by the Movember Foundation Charity and now
it’s radically changing the way we approach men’s health and helping plenty of men around the world getting over their struggles.
Namely by taking certain masculine matters out of the “personal, intimate” spectrum and making them audible and perceptible to the public.
The urge for such an organization appeared when it was an inevitable and alarming truth that men’s health is in crisis. In fact, men die on average 6 years earlier than women.

The organization’s mission is to help men be louder about their health issues and more comfortable talking about it. Numbers can be fairly illustrative for this:
each year over 42000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 25_49. 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Death by suicide occurred 1.8 times more often among males than among females in 2008 and 1,7 times in 2015.

Movember is uniquely placed to address this crisis on a global scale. The amazing men and women working on this movement fund groundbreaking projects all over the world “engaging men where they are to understand what works best and accelerate change”.

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