Does Negan represent the world?

Negan, the character from the TV show ” the walking dead ” is a villain, he’s mostly known for being the leader of the saviors. Since his first appearance in the last episode of season 6 “ Last day on earth “, he has become a fan favorite.

In this episode, Negan kills two members of Rick’s team (Rick grimes the main character of the show ) as a punishment for attacking one of his bases, and he threatened Rick’s group to do it again unless they give him half of their goods. Helpless, they obeyed his orders, and later on, in the show, we discover that there are actually two other groups working for Negan.

The important point here is Negan! And how he might be representing the world. Negan has his famous tax thingy theft, he takes half the goods of each group he finds just like the grasshopper takes half of the ants in the movie “A bug’s life”.

Give us half of what you have or we will destroy you!

Negan might be a fictional character but his acts might be a suitable metaphor for The Israeli–Palestinian conflict. This might sound crazy but hear me out, Israel is taking half of Jerusalem and currently expanding on Palestinian territories. Isreal continues to threaten Palestinians and to expand their borders just like Negan is taking half of the other group’s stuff, except in this case, Negan is probably more compassionate than Isreal.

That’s it, I hope you liked my POV 🙂

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