A short message that needs to be delivered

(What will happen in the future part 2 )

So, these are questions that I bet everyone has been thinking about, should we adopt an optimistic or a pessimistic vision regarding the future? Will we be living in a Utopian or dystopian world? So this is my personal opinion concerning future threats first:

The environment: the environment is in huge danger, notably the risk of climate change ! Levels of the sea will rise up within meters, and meters and islands will be flooded! Fish and sea life will extinct by 2050! And by 2040 clean water will no longer exist due to the huge wasting, by the year 2100 rainforests will no longer be there! And all of this will happen if we humans continue to destroy nature carelessly. So what is the solution?

What can we do to stop the world-ending? Well, actually we can save it! If we all get together we can stop what is happening! Remember that the earth is precious and it shouldn’t be ruined! So stop being lazy and start making a change!

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