How our lives will change in the future?

How will technology affect our future?

In this article, we will tackle The impact of Technological innovation on the Future of Humanity in all fields :

Education: Education will be remote. Due to this quarantine, we have discovered many benefits of technologies like learning remotely which has many perks like:
-Saving a lot of time! ( transportation time)
-Teaching can be much easier.

But we got to keep in mind that the internet is not available for everyone.

Delivering: many companies are starting to use robots and drones to deliver stuff.

Security: many people’s lives are no longer in danger thanks to AI self-driving cars! That will definitely reduce the chance of you dying in a car accident which is good!

And we don’t forget to mention:
Farming: farming will improve in the future. We’ll be able to plant a much wider variety of crops

Medicine: This field will witness a lot of progress in diagnostics, which will definitely increase our life expectancy. In fact, Sensors will be integrated into our bodies or clothes and they are expected to track our daily activities and medical data and if necessary advise us to visit the doctor.

In general, all jobs that require only labor will be replaced by robots because it will be more accurate and will cost less.
Now to the bad things that might happen in the future:

Poverty and unemployment: due to normal jobs being replaced by robots many people will be jobless. Also, humans might have some weight issues due to non-moving and eating and getting all assistance from robots. Also, it’s possible that humans will suffer from dullness due to less thinking since robots and AI will be doing all the work!

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