Video games on kids: Pros ‘N’ cons

Video games are one of the most famous if not the most popular activity in the world with 1.6 Billion gamers who regularly play video games and they take it as a hobby!

Besides video games are easy to play and they attract children! So what are the effects of video games on children?

Many children play video games regularly as a hobby! But what are the effects resulted from that? Well, of course, there are good and bad results, We will get into the good ones first:

1- Video games help children develop cognitive skills and motor skills too.

2- Video games help children acquire problem-solving skills and learn teamwork and decision-making and also enhances their strategy skills!

3- Video games also help children develop strong confidence in themselves and to concentrate and to plan.

4- Also, the virtual world is the future educational experience for children, and as in many kids cases it shows so!

And now after mentioning the pros, We will tackle the cons!

1- Violence: I really have to remind that some games are not made for children but children play it anyway! Many games, indeed, make them more violent like shooting games, for instance, Fortnite, CS: GO, “Free Fire “aka “the worst game ever” in my personal opinion. etc…

However, in some cases, video games make children more violent but it is 100% the parent’s fault wether they are checking or not which games their children are playing , moreover, in all of the games mentioned before,the player has to approve that he conforms to the age restrictions, so yeah!

2- Addiction to video games: Video games like anything in life, if used too much will turn bad! As for many cases out there of addicted kids gamers(nevertheless, most of them are terrible in my opinion) And most of these games can distract children from having family time and even from going to school!

ut is it the company’s mistake? Or the gamer’s mistake? No, it is the parents’ mistake again ! first, because they didn’t tell their children, to stop at some point and they didn’t set rules nor boundaries! Also if their children are doing bad at school they can take their stuff and give it back to them when they get good grades ! that can be a pro for video games!

To conclude, video games are a nice habit for children, if used well, it can help them develop many skills such as communication skills, strong confidence, and also help them think! But on the other hand, if used badly, video games can be dangerous for kids!

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