UNWIND Webinar

Celebrating the stress awareness month, IEEE Enicarthage SB’s IAS Chapter had the pleasure to host the UNWIND Webinar.

This webinar included a yoga session with the coach Mayssa Ghribi, during which we got to relax, slow our breath, focus on the present, and to relieve stress.

Then we had a mental health talk with our dear psychologist Mejda tiki, who gave us the advice to ensure good mental health and to feel positive about ourselves and showed us the right way to cope with everyday pressures during the quarantine.

Furthermore, we had a Nutrition and wellness session with the nutritionist Ahmed ben Hnia that gave us valuable advice for the right eating habits, especially during Ramadhan.

Also, we had the pleasure to hop with Amal Merchaoui to discover the traveling cheaper hacks and secrets.

And last but not least we dived into the complexity of an entrepreneur’s experience and the challenges that he might be facing during his journey with the Enicarthage’s Alumni Oussema Ouertani, whom we thank for sharing his entrepreneurial experience with us and we were so happy to have him with us.

We would also like to thank all the participants that have attended this webinar and who made this event successful.

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