Many parents these days (generation y and generation x) have trouble controlling their children: the parents don’t have much time to take care of them and to organize their children’s lives, so, they just throw them infront of the Computer orTV screen and they go like ” Go, my child, do whatever you want just leave me alone “and that’s an example of a bad parent. And the kid will spend time finishing all of youtube’s videos and playing weird dump games like Roblox and doing useless stuff. Unlike the bad parent, a good parent will take time to organize and raise his child. And this is how he does it.

1- Sign him into clubs: Especially Tech clubs, because Tech nowadays is the new field of business, like for example, in Tunisia “AJST “.

And, at this point in evolution, I don’t see a point of explaining why having Tech is useful.

2- You have to support his second and third languages: English and French. Because out there in the northern countries, the only language you will be speaking is either English or French.

3- Don’t forget to let them have fun because if they ger boarded they will never learn.

I hope I helped you and that you enjoyed my article

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