Useful Change with a Willful Action

As we are assessing an alarming outbreak around the whole world , unprecedented countrywide lockdowns are being witnessed . Several nations have closed schools , prohibited means of transport and cancelled all gatherings. Global leaders beg public to stay at Home , asking citizens to self-quarantine in a bid to stop the exponential spread of this virus, knowing that not all of its ramifications are known yet. This ain’t only a health crisis , but it’s a crisis that had touched every single sector .Meanwhile every one of us ought to be deeply involved in this tragedy. And because of its economic and social costs , this galloping burst must drive up a huge reflection of awareness.
How amazing this world is while looking without the haze of discontent !
How marevelous it is when you weigh the risks , and start pursuing for alternatives !
How wonderful it is when you stop folding your hands and start seeking !
More wonderful when ideas come to light !

After weeks of resisting mounting pressure , IEEE ENICarthage students , guided by their professors both Walid Barhoumi and Haythem Ghazouani, started working on models, trying at all costs to bring help and supplies for the hospital staff. Doing everything they can , and as soon as the model was approved by medical professionals , they started printing it in 3D. Well, these visors help in taking precaution against respiratory droplets which transmit the virus.And today, Mariem Hedhli , IEEE ENICarthage vice chair had donated and delivered a sufficient quantity of visors to healthcare workers in charge of Covid-19 in the regional hospital of Jendouba. Nevertheless , this action wouldn’t suffice without our dear IEEE ENICarthage general secretary Emna Ahmed Ali ‘s remarkable engagement and the contribution of the whole team.
Fully determined to pursue what they began , ENICarthage students are still working on making breathing aid machines for Covid-19 patients whose lungs’cells are damaged in order to keep them out of intensive care .
Until then , the clock is ticking , how about you shift from passive to active ! We truly need your support so we can keep on providing materials for the upcoming equipments.
Last but not least , Know that One printer can’t do much and One hand can’t clap , so let us stand together and overcome this pandemic.
No matter how critical the situation is and how long would it be arising , together , we will adjust it . Have Faith .

Big Hearted Muffin

"La vie est un jeu violent et hallucinant ; la vie, c'est se jeter en parachute et prendre des risques, tomber et se relever, c'est de l'alpinisme, c'est vouloir monter au sommet de soi-même et être insatisfait et angoissé quand on n'y parvient pas."

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