Google HashCode at Enicarthage!

In Thursday the 20th of February, Enicarthage hosted a hub of the world wide competition Google Hash Code which included so many teams from across the globe. The opportunity was brought to us by the intervention of the club Joker Info!

Hash Code is a team programming competition, organized by Google, for students and professionals around the world. You pick your team and a programming language and Google picks an engineering problem for you to solve.

Not only are these coding contests with cash prizes and other goodies, they are also a channel of recruitment. The elite top dozen or so coders may get invitations to interview with Google.

Team Not Found from our hub was capable of collecting more than 17 million points! We are proud of you!

After the competition, the participants had fun with karaoke, singing songs from childhood, watching movies and playing games.

If you did not attend the event, we recommand that you never miss such occasions. First of all, you will be gaining experience, learning new things and challenging your limits. Second, you will be having fun without a doubt!

Another memory to add from our school!

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