SONY VS MICROSOFT Or the inevitable console war of PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Microsoft and Sony will celebrate two decades of rivalry, but it’s not the end of the story as the two companies prepare to go to war soon for the future of the video games’ market.

With the announcement of the fifth generation of consoles coming in 2020, it is the arrival of the PlayStation 5 offered by Sony and the next Xbox SERIES X from Microsoft, fighting for the number one spot in the gaming industry.

Let’s take a look at each console in detail:

PlayStation 5 :Sony’s next PS console for 2020

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Information is starting to filter around the next Sony console. Here is what is safe to say for now and what will be offered

AMD Ryzen 3rd generation SoC (7nm, Zen 2 + Navi GPU)
“Ultra-fast” SSD internal storage
Ray Tracing managed by a dedicated GPU signed AMD
8K Support
Backward compatibility with PS4 games
3D sound
4K Blu-Ray playback

One of the big changes Sony is talking about today is adaptive triggers, which will go in the primary R2/L2 triggers on the PS5s controller. According to Sony, developers will be able to program the resistance of the triggers.

The PS5 is jumping to solid-state storage, making it a better match for large game downloads. But it will still support optical discs, showing that some legacy technology is hard to ditch. 8K TVs may be few and far between, but the PlayStation 5 will be capable of 8K.

Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s next Xbox console for 2020

Xbox One X has been called the most powerful console in the world by its creators.

CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 architecture but will be updated especially for the Xbox. We are talking about 8 physical cores and 16 threads, as well as a speed of 3.4 GHz.
The GPU is again made in AMD, with a modified Navi.
GDDR6 RAM. The presence of 24 GB of RAM is mentioned, including 18 GB allocated to the CPU and GPU.
SSD storage to drastically boost performance. We will undoubtedly have a version with 1 TB of internal memory.

A Blu-Ray player has been confirmed on the Xbox. It will therefore always be possible to buy physical versions of the game, while the release of the Xbox One S All Digital without equipment of this type and requiring the purchase of titles in dematerialized format or via the Xbox Game Pass can raise fears of its disappearance.

Also there is a Ray-tracing support. This technology will be capable of managing the reflection and refraction of light which makes it possible to obtain breathtaking graphics of realism.

These features will allow the Xbox to perform exceptionally well

Microsoft will leave with an advantage over its Japanese rival at launch,

For now the PlayStation 5 would have no major exclusivity at launch, unlike the Xbox Series X. While the console of Microsoft will rely on 12 to 16 exclusives in its line-up, Sony would be largely satisfied with a port of several PS4 blockbusters.


At the end we can say that the last two rounds of Sony vs Microsoft were fun, but fundamentally they were about which company could push more polygons and get more exclusives. Microsoft tried to change that narrative by making the original Xbox One a wacky Kinect-powered next-gen VCR media hub, but fell on its face. Nintendo was a fun agent of chaos, a Puckish figure dancing on the periphery, but it wasn’t really in the fight.

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