On the road to develop ENICarthage’s quality

The ENICarthage quality committee organized its first meeting and workshop under the theme “Concertation of initiatives for the development of ENICarthage”.

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The main topics of discussion were:

  • Training and employability
  • Administration, procedure and communication
  • Associative life, service to students
  • Proactive management,
  • industrial partnership
  • Socio-economic openness

In fact, the workshop is a part of a large program that aims to improve the study plan , prepare the international accreditation and to strengthen the quality of studies.

A big thanks for those who attended the workshop from teachers to students. They all contributed to its success.
And a special thanks to the Enicartahge quality committee which took time and energy to make this session.

Also, other meeting will be organized soon so do not hesitate to bring your own energy and ideas.

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