TSYP An Extraordinary Congress !

If you are a TSYP participant then I’m pretty sure you know how much of a big event it is . If you are not, well then, my dear reader it is simply the most epic congress you can ever attend as an IEEE member .Wether you are a student or a young professional, you wouldn’t want to miss out on IEEE’s Tunisia’s section annual meeting .
The first day of winter holidays, at 10 am , Enicarthage’student branch hit the road to  Medina hotel in Hamamet where the TSYP 2019 congress took place . Other student branches came along from several Tunisian universities. 1000 students and young professionals gathered in one place and pumped it up with their amazing energy .

Organized by ENIT student branch this exceptional congress was held in the aim of introducing the IEEE family to the professional world in the most effective way . What TSYP offers is far more fascinating than the loads of formulas and complicated algorithms you learn in class.
The program consisted of a diverse set of  activities in order to grant you a clearer vision of the technical and professional world and therefore to gain further insight . This is not the type of events where speakers get to torture you with boring abstruse speeches. Our mates in the organizing committee have considered our pleasant disposition and proposed speed talks this year instead of long speeches to maintain our good humor along the evening.

In fact TSYP is substantially a networking event , this is where you reach out to the right community , the one that adds considerable value to you as a person and as a future engineer/entrepreneur .This is for the people who care to have the best acquaintances ,for those who are aware of the importance of networking in one’s career . This is for the dreamers who find it a pleasant activity to engage with their pears in a jovial and convivial environment exchanging knowledge and skills , finding potential collaborators and people who share with them the same passion. 

To ensure this interaction between the different student branches and to help the IEEE members grow professionally and personally, all participants joined a networking party and a team building session the first night after the opening ceremony and the speed talks .

The second day’s program featured various parallel workshops , we were too busy trying to catch up to all the sessions we registered for ,For nobody wants to omit highly qualified speakers and trainers giving their best at a machine learning , blockchain or a design workshop.
The day ended with challenges and a wonderful Gala Dinner where our Enicarthage student branch stood out from all other SBs and was rewarded the third place in CIS( image classification challenge) thanks to our beloved members Ahmed Badri and Iheb Bouzayeni .

Apart from workshops, discussion panels ,and networking activities there was something magical about this annual meeting : it is the sense of belonging. As the word “Enicar “ echoed and bounced off the big room’s walls one could feel a great impulse of adrenalin rushing through his veins generating an incredible feeling of happiness. Such a priceless feeling to be a part of this outstanding community , a community that is going from good to great..and beyond.

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