Joker’Info : The spirit reborn with an unfading legacy

Joker’info is a well-reknown club in ENICarthage with its foundation dating back to 2008. It did foster since then many generations and was one of the pillars of the Associative Life in our school.

In 23 November, the club launched their new logo. In fact, it presents a shield which is the symbol of defense and security, the core aim of the club.

The club is one of the most active in the school, hosting different activities ranging from workshops to organizing events like Enicarthage Hackathon.

Yesterday, the club did organize a film projection of the infamous Film Joker. It was an opportunity for the club’s members to celebrate this milestone and to empower the bonds that unify them under one banner.

Enicarthage Press congratulates Joker’Info for their new logo and wishes them further achievements in the future.

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