Clean It Up!

College is not just for studying, getting good grades and graduating.

College is an important part of our life. We meet new people and learn new things aside from the subjects we study.
Thus, having a favorable environment is a necessity for assuring that our experience is the best possible.
So, some students of Enicarthage came up with a great idea: “Clean It Up”.

“Clean it up” is an event that aims to give a new breath to our school. It’s a day of union for everyone, be it a student, a teacher or an officer. Hopefully, the event will be a memorable day where everyone will enjoy working together, listening to music and eating delicious “salés”.

The work will be divided between three groups. The first one will focus on the classroom dedicated for the clubs. The group will bring, put and decorate the tables and chairs found in the hallways. The second one will be doing the painting and decoration for the other classrooms. The last one will help get rid of the garbage and the unnecesssary. The volunteers will also get rid of the sand in the parking and put it back in the green areas. Furthermore, they are going to renovate the two greens areas with trees and flowers they will paint the three pots of plant and add more.

For the event to be successful, we, at Enicarthage Press, hope for everyone to participate in any possible way. If you cannot work in the day of the event, you can at least give some tools or suggestions. This is something that will benefit everyone now and after.

For more information about the event, we recommand that you visit the facebook page of Clean it up, the link will be found at the end of the article. Or, you can contact Jouini Tayssir and Ahlem Essefi who are the ones intiating this nice gesture.

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